The price with Reality - Tristan Gressette

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When we think of ourselves, we don't see the outside of the world. The expectations of the rather smart people really put our minds to the test. Poetry is more like testifying what we want to know, rather than what we know. It's just like sight reading. There is the stuff we don't know and then the stuff we want to know. Poets are the reason why people of the "dumb side" don't know what to do. We think of this as just a brain error - something that happens in a person's mind.

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weesin 5 años, 1 mes atrás
This is a terribly-written quote. Why have you randomly capitalized words unnecessarily? This quote makes it seem as though you're on the 'dumb side'. Besides the many mis-capitalized words, you have also included multiple incomplete sentences. Please take the time to edit your quotes prior to submitting them so that they may be palatable to other users

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