Rutherford and the Nature of the Atom - Ernest Rutherford

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It was quite the most incredible event that has ever happened to me in my life. It was almost as incredible as if you fired a fifteen inch shell at a piece of tissue paper and it came back and hit you.

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catrice 1 año, 11 meses atrás
In MLA style, numbers that can be typed out in one or two words should be.
bkpark 4 años, 8 meses atrás
Hm. I'd have thought having to type "15" would be a better typing practice. Either would be fine with me, but most style guides specify numbers 10 and above should use numerals, while numbers one through nine would be spelled out.
redco37 4 años, 8 meses atrás
would it be so hard to just write fifteen

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