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People who don't work hard don't have the right to be envious of the people with talent. People fail because they don't understand the hard work necessary to be successful.

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weesin 5 años, 9 meses atrás
"archoniar", thanks very much for explaining your intended meaning when posting your quote. It is appreciated.
archoniar 5 años, 9 meses atrás
The quote is talking about people don't have the right to envious if they don't work hard. I.e they are ignorant of the efforts people have put across a long period of time even if they had baseline skill. And because of that ignorance they'll become disheartened too quickly when they don't see results. They live life as if it is rigged against them.

You're obviously right that not everything can be solved with hard work, and I apologise if my comment came across that way. There are limits. I merely wished to say that it is possible to turn a weakness into something you can hold pride to. You don't have to 'suck' but you don't have to be the best as well.

Also weesin, I won't ever know if I'm wrong if no one tells me I'm wrong. So thanks for commenting.
weesin 5 años, 10 meses atrás
I agree with "torious", although I wouldn't have stated my opinion as harshly or rudely as he/she did.

What you must understand, is that some people will never succeed in a given task, despite however much effort they put in to honing their skills. For instance, someone who is left-brain-dominant will likely never be a piano virtuoso by dint of their neurological make-up

If you're going to make a comment that others may find inflammatory, you may wish to know of what you speak prior to posting...
torious 5 años, 10 meses atrás
oh shut up. sometime no matter how much work you put in you still suck
archoniar 6 años, 2 meses atrás
Yukino Best Girl! It's difficult being a person who can change themselves for better against their natural instincts.

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