Where did You Plateau?

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It would be interesting to know a person's finger-coordination background and how it affected where they plateaued in their typing speed. For example, I've played piano for 10 years and plateaued at 105 wpm.
By enya - posted: 4 weeks, 1 day ago

I've been using PC for the last 20 years and currently plateaued at 110 wpm
By abuhurairah - posted: 4 weeks ago

I've been at 100-110 wpm for several years. I learned touch typing about 7 years ago and used to take a lot of typing tests.
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By user421556 - posted: 3 weeks, 4 days ago

I don't have any special finger-coordination background, only played videogames, no musical instruments; I learnt typing without looking at keyboard last year, since then plateaued around 100 wpm.
By krayzkatz - posted: 3 weeks, 4 days ago

last year, I was at around 40 wpm for quotes. I started keyhero seriously at around 50 wpm and when I got to around 60, I found out about monkeytype, and got around 90 wpm there. This past year, I've gone up to 120 wpm average for monkeytype and 95 average for this website. But for the past four months, I haven't been improving so that's where we're at for now.
By mindmaster - posted: 3 weeks, 2 days ago

I pretty much cannot regularly exceed 120 wpm typing my own words. Typing someone else's (aka reading and typing) around 113-5 wpm max ever. There is a certain point of redundancy to the whole thing as in past say 100 wpm few people on the earth (less than 2% of all people who type) can type as fast as you. If you take that speed up to around 120 wpm then you're talking one 1% or less, and anything faster than that it's unlikely you will ever know someone who types faster than that in your lifetime, lol. The real theoretical max on qwerty is something like 120-140wpm and that's just about as much as you're going to get out of it.

To type faster you're going to have to switch typing schemes or just stop messing around and use a stenography machine (which is what all the +150wpm cheaters are doing here) It's rather easy, with training, and a steno machine to get 250-300wpm which is about as fast as you can speak normally. Alternate typing layouts might help you get even faster and you could try Workman, Colemak, but don't do Dvorak. Dvorak was created to be EASIER to type for your hands, but not faster. (Best layout to use if you have carpal tunnel or other related troubles) I can type both QWERTY and Dvorak and my Dvorak will be about 10 wpm behind QWERTY just because some words in Dvorak are really annoying to type, even though the layout is better for frequently used vowels.
By doughth - posted: 3 weeks, 1 day ago

That is a little odd I guess, having a high wpm. Though in a sense of a fandom really, if you type for fun you will find others who type for fun. There was this 26 yr. old guy who came to our school and could consistently type about 140-5 wpm on a qwerty layout; and he brought a cheap membrane keyboard to just type for fun while sitting at the "college table thing" they do around lunches. All you could hear were the fireworks in the back. Also, thx for the layout suggestion, ^-^.
By doughth - posted: 3 weeks, 1 day ago

Depending on the platform, playing games can actually help a lot in hand coordination, or at least finger-coordination. After playing smash bros consistently my fingers have felt so nimble on a keyboard, and it also helps make the keyboard feel "smooth/elegant" as your typing consistency gets more stable. Transitions and being able to keep a consistent speed no matter what word or character helped me more than anything. xP
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By mindmaster - posted: 3 weeks, 1 day ago

Technically, a good membrane keyboard will give you a shot at being faster as some of them only have like 1mm of travel, but they are hell on your hands. :D On a membrane keyboard, I probably can go from 120 WPM to about 130 WPM but I could do it for only a few tests after that my finger tips are aching.

It's very unusual to exceed 120 wpm on a conventional keyboard using QWERTY other than in really short bursts, which is fine, and it doesn't matter really anyway. The difference between say 120 WPM and 140-150 WPM isn't something humans notice only something that typing tests do. Most people hearing you type will go "Damn, you type fast!" at 100+WPM and no one is going to expect you to be typing any faster. I'd been typing 85 WPM since about 1985, so I don't spend too much time working on speed anymore. And it's pretty redundant at this point, I maybe improve like 2-5% a year these days... It might be age too... I certainly am not any spring chicken, and I am addicted to clicky mechanical keyboards.
By doughth - posted: 4 days, 14 hours ago

I haven’t typed on this website for a little bit now, but I broke this plateau! I found out how to position my wrists and how to teach myself specific muscle memory things, (certain words/fingering, and etc). Finally, my wpm has reached c.a. 120.
By doughth - posted: 4 days, 13 hours ago

The span of your thinking of an entity to type at first begins with the slowest level, letters, then moves to words, then moves to sentences/certain hand movements instead of English itself. That along with creating a beat to type to using the metronome, (idk, I’ve played piano and it really helps), has been what I’ve combined with doing a certain amount of characters per musical “measure” and using muscle memory on what hand movements I need to do rather than words/English. Mastering it, I need to compartmentalize/visualize each quote as a “song” and/or overarching meaning/string of thought so it will string together. Complete mastery would be being able to look at a quote wholly and fully and know instantly the hand movements at a fast tempo. Finally, that mode of thinking having successfully established a consistent way of speed that clads accuracy, that should be the mastery of all typing websites.

P.S. Actually, I feel like a website including all of those aspects, (a metronome, checking if you met the said amount of characters and not words in them, the autonomous tempo speed being set for maximum development, etc), would be very useful. Even while it would start easier I can imagine kids dying at school because of it though.
By _kookie - posted: 3 days, 5 hours ago

How do you do a plateau? It sounds like I need to climb one - such as the Tibetan Plateau.
By doughth - posted: 2 days, 20 hours ago

It's a point for a typist when they finally stopped progressing easily: their typing speed chart "plateaus." It's the point after beginning where you progress rapidly, then slowly, and the plateau happens when you can only advance by learning something new.
By _kookie - posted: 2 days, 5 hours ago