Stuck at 57 to 60 wpm need advice

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On online typing sites like keyhero , typeracer , 10fastfingers etc i can go as high as 74 (highest )
average 65
But on typing master when i type for 10 minutes straight i am kinda stuck between 57 and 60 wpm from past 20 days . I am practicing 45 to 1 hour per day on typing master but have not seen any improvement . Now from the past few days I am focusing on accuracy and trying to get 100 percent accuracy when i type . I have to reach 100 wpm speed in 5 months
I want to know is it possible to reach 100 wpm speed in 5 months if I practice 45 minutes per day .
By saadanius - posted: 2 months, 3 weeks ago

I'm in the exact same place. although I have hit above 80 a couple of times. I'm stuck in the 55-75 range
By user772469 - posted: 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Yes bro, and it is quite frustrating.
By willyric - posted: 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Hi, last time I stuck on 60, I play Instant Death mode, now I stuck at 70.
By fathur - posted: 2 months, 1 week ago

Try to use as many fingers as possible, I decide to use 9 fingers because I have a weak right pinky; And try to type word instead of letter... the best practice to do that is to try to type a word as fast as you can, and take your time between words, take a long pause after you press the space button, think about what you can do to improve the speed of the word you've just typed. My speed improved from 80 to 90-100 wpm after doing this kind of practice for two or three weeks.
By sababa_chu - posted: 2 months ago

I would suggest that you don't focus on your speed. Instead focus on the sequence in which you press the keys as to create a smooth motion of pressing them in waves of quick successions. For more info, watch some youtube videos on how to improve. For context, I am stuck at 80-90. Improvement gets slower the higher you go.
By user440278 - posted: 1 month, 4 weeks ago

Make sure your typing method is the better one, I'm currently breaking my hybrid habbit. Then focus on 100% (harder to do than you think when you wanna go fast)_accuracy and muscle memory with the right fingers. Don't rush it and enjoy :D
By instrint - posted: 1 month, 4 weeks ago

Practice more...
By test0004 - posted: 1 month, 3 weeks ago

I'm stuck between 90-110. It just takes practice and time. Try looking at entire words rather than individual letters, and don't only use certain fingers for certain letters. Instead of the normal touch typing method most people use, I find it easier to use my left pinky almost exclusively for shift, and my left ring finger for hard-to-reach keys like Q and Z, but it's hard to really describe my typing method because it's not something I pay conscious attention to.
By giuselabas - posted: 1 month, 2 weeks ago

It is great that you started focusing on accuracy, because that is basically the key! If you improve your accuracy you will automatically improve your speed as well, as you will feel more comfortable pressing the right keys (and knowing which keys you are pressing). I'm focusing on accuracy as well and I'm dramatically improving my typing speed as a direct consequence ;)
By lenorite - posted: 3 weeks, 4 days ago

If you're pretty accurate, not making a whole bunch of mistakes, try to look ahead more and really feel the cascading effect of having all your fingers ready to type the word. That's what tends to help in my experience.
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By mjmizu - posted: 3 weeks, 4 days ago

I range from 60-85 and at terrible days 50+. What brings me down to 60 and below are mistakes, so even at the cost of speed try to master accuracy. Mistakes eat your wpm likely more than you think so it's good you're practicing accuracy. If you average 65 and gets lower as you go, then you're just like me, and I think it's obvious that the issue is stamina. The reason why it gets lower for me is because I keep making mistakes when I type for too long, I dunno about you. I think what we should do is practice longer quotes and avoid short bursts of speed. Practice consistency and accuracy, in short.
By user401321 - posted: 3 weeks, 4 days ago

It's not about how long you practice every day. You just have to practice efficiently. Do you need 100 wpm on keyhero or do you need 100 wpm on 10ff? There are differences between the two. I can hit 100+ without much difficulty so some general tips that I follow are:

Yes always focus accuracy, this also means, for longer and harder words DO NOT BE AFRAID to slow down a bit and make sure you type it correctly. You can type a piece with very high accuracy but have to use backspace on every other word, that does not make you fast.

Be able to touch type, meaning not look at the keyboard while you type. This only comes with practice, and you'll get used to it from typing texts. Normally, at touch typing, most people can get 80wpm, so maybe try to look at your keyboard less often.

At certain speeds, past 80wpm, a lot of words are done quickly because you just remember the position that it takes to type them, it just comes naturally. Such as words that end in "-ere, -ight, -ing, you, and, the"

When typing words don't hesitate to use a different finger to touch the key. Index finger is not limited to "y", "h", "n", "u", "j", and "n". Nor are other fingers not allowed to touch those keys.

When typing a word like "thing", I press the "t" key with my left index, then with my right index, I hit the "h" key, right after I use my right middle to hit the "i", but my index finger is still on the "h" key, so I slide it down without leaving the keyboard over to the "n" key, which makes typing "thing" really quick and easy.

Hopefully that helped a bit!
By quantom - posted: 3 weeks, 1 day ago

Try keybr. The site drills you on getting basic sequences (i'm sure there's a more technical term for this) right before moving on to harder ones.
By jjanis334 - posted: 2 weeks ago

Honestly, the key to becoming a faster typist is just experience. As someone who grew up and played computer games all my life, it became a learned pattern. But as soon as you can start to be 100% accurate with your typing, my suggestion is start to look ahead in the quote in order to increase your speed.

Being on these sites might be helpful in learning how to type, but to be honest, writing papers/playing computer games/practical work in life with keyboard (motivation to be faster) is going to be more helpful than a typing site ever will. After you start getting 100% accuracy every time, make sure to start looking ahead in the quote to increase your speed.