Is there a 'genetic limit' to one's typing speed?

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By greenolive - posted: 1 week, 2 days ago

homie I have no idea. I doubt it. But naturally people are going to plateau in there skill around 60-70 wmp. We can assume people with nimble hands will be faster at typing but who is to say that is genetic or developed. If you practice accuracy and not speed you will definitely get better.
By user649851 - posted: 2 days, 2 hours ago

There is a "genetic" limit as to how fast one could type, just like there is a limit to how long you could hold your breath, or how fast you can run. No-one is ever going to 100m in under 6 seconds, for example, even though cheetahs can run that fast (unless you somehow strap a rocket onto a person, but that doesn't seem very safe). However, I sincerely doubt that you have reached your limit when it comes to typing. It's like worrying about whether you would be able to beat the world record for a marathon when you haven't even completed one before, a somewhat pointless thought experiment. (Although I don't know whether you can type at like 200WPM or not, so maybe this is a legitimate worry for you, but I'd wager that's probably not the case for you)
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Adolf H would be so proud of your question. just sayin'