God and Faith

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I know all aren't Christian and i didn't even used to be, but i wanted to start a little conversation about God on here. Feel free to ask questions, but please keep them appropriate...

I also wanted to bring up the fact.. while we're here, that Jesus is the ONLY way to heaven and He died for your sins, so you could live eternally with Him.

God bless you all, Jesus be with you!!

I love you all
By user871724 - posted: 1 week ago

Good luck with that. What if there is no god and we are just food for worms? Nothing wrong with that either.
By marinatedgnome - posted: 1 week ago

Why so no horizonless? Why don't you think we can all be in some simulation? What if we are all "players" and only the winners can access the “real world”? Or to the truth? Perhaps not everything is as abstract and magical as described in the three main monotheistic religions. What if people were not ready for information and the game’s rules? Otherwise, the game can be called life, and the game and its ending are described in religious books in a figurative-metaphorical sense. What is called heaven and hell? Or maybe we're just an alien experiment? What if we are in a test tube in the laboratory of some higher beings who are changing invariably to observe the changes that humanity is going through? While being eaten by worms isn't as bad as you said, I'd still rather be eaten by cats :)
By user871724 - posted: 1 week ago

One should care more about this precious opportunity called "Life" that everybody has been blessed with for only once. Who cares what happens after you die. Care more about how you live today.
By marinatedgnome - posted: 1 week ago

I don’t want to be acrimonious, and besides, I completely agree with you, but for many different reasons, not everyone can “live” and therefore hope to live and enjoy their existence, at least after death ... I don’t know.
By izzytyper - posted: 6 days, 7 hours ago

Personally, anything is possible.
As you know we can all think what we would like, but its not what we think, that is always right. People ask me, how do you know that your religion is true and Islam, or Hinduism, etc. is not the real one instead?
Here's how, Spiritual fullness, that feeling when you are comforted, or know that God is with you, I experience that so much practicing Christianity... Some may ask... Well, people may feel that in Islam, or any other religion, so still, what makes yours right?
Honestly don't even know why the world creates such an argument for such a unified topic as religion, but here's the answer to the above question.
Historical evidence, Faith, and Spiritual Health is more proven when practicing Christianity. Besides facts aren't really needed here, rather, faith is what you need to trust in God at all, because faith is trusting something that you can't see. God, you cannot see, but you will in heaven, not right now. You can feel His presence, you can trust His guidance, etc.
God will guide you properly, if something is in His way that He knows can hurt you, He will remove it, and if you ask Him for strength, He won't just give it to you. If you ask for patience it isn't just given to you. and so on... This is because you want to build your strength, therefore, some hurtles in life, those are to help you become stronger, in faith and in trust and guidance of Him.
Some may not be open to faith, but faith is what helps guide you to keep trusting in God, and faith brings you to heaven and letting God get to know you while you're on earth. Some may also not like spiritual things, but God, He is more than just that, He is trustworthy, and LIVING, in and around everyone.

God bless you all!
By user871724 - posted: 5 days, 21 hours ago

I used to think a lot about creation theories and meaning of life. But now I realize, these are questions that one can never get an answer to. It maybe because we're just too small to understand the grand scheme of things or maybe something else. What we can always do is to just live our life in the most satisfactory way possible. Sometimes we just forget that the flowers growing outside our room are meant to be admired than to really ponder about where they came from and if they serve any purpose.
By marinatedgnome - posted: 5 days, 16 hours ago

umm, I somehow thought that if we stop pondering about what awaits us after death, we will start treating life differently. After all, if we are going to turn into just fertilizer after death and we are given only one chance to live, then life becomes priceless. But on the other hand, if life is just an exam that decides whether a mortal is going to hell or heaven, then the anticipation of the day of judgment becomes a life limiter. It has always been interesting to know what thoughts cross the mind of a dying person when they realize that they lived their life freely; however, now it's time to pay for it in hell or vice versa when one lives life in faith and at the moment of death understands that there is nothing further. what fear the unbeliever experiences at that moment, or what anger consumes the believer?
By catrice - posted: 4 days, 20 hours ago

Why should I believe you over people who say that Oily Josh is a deceiver who leads people to hell?