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My friends have me, but I don't think I have them. I am that friend, that one friend who always listens to rants and gives advice. I am that friend, that one friend who's always available to hang out when they're dealing with something at home. I am that friend, that one friend who would know if they're not okay. I am that friend. But who are my friends? Where are my friends? Does it ever cross their minds how I'm doing? Does it ever cross their minds if I'm okay? I don't think so...

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smokemifugottem 1 year ago
Agreed. Talk to your friends. Or drop them. The whiney baby parade will only get you so far... Nowhere.
boredtyper 1 year ago
So...why complain to total strangers on this site? Why not be upfront with your "friends" and discuss your issues with them directly? Your problems will not be solved by complaining. Take action

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