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I have read so many quotes on this website telling me to focus on accuracy over speed. They say when you are accurate, the speed will improve. It is decent advice for beginners, but it becomes less useful later on: your speed will plateau. To type fast, you need to practice typing fast, but this also is not enough. As you practice, catalogue your errors, find characters or patterns that trip you up, and drill your weaknesses. Intentionality is what matters, not accuracy.

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Though it may be true to some certain extent, I still believe that just typing fast is not enough from experience. From the 2 years that I have been practicing typing, I still find myself having trouble with accuracy and mistakes. However, just recently when I got to a raw speed of 130 WPM I began typing as efficiently and accurate as I can, AND it helps. I now can type 130 WPM at 99% accuracy or above and not even feel like I'm putting much effort into typing. But at the same time it goes without saying that as I began to become comfortable with accuracy I increased my speed to a point where I did not make so many mistakes. I believe this is one of the easiest ways to be able to learn to type fast.
weiahe 1 year, 5 months ago
I thought this meant around 120 wpm or higher. I still find the accuracy strategy helpful, as well as this one, and I type around the same speed as the quote adder

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