Fear - Jo Kent

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It was a fear that swam beneath the surface, like a shark. Sometimes deep and hardly detectable, but sometimes so shallow it was only just covered by waves. She feared both the known and unknown. She feared uncertainty and indecision. But even more, she feared a planned future, lacking excitement and impulse. She was afraid of finding her future self, stuck in a job that she no longer had a passion for, in a country she longed to leave, surrounded by people who bored her.

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kyledes 2 years, 3 months ago
Say no more... if it is "a country people longed to leave", we all immediately know which country that is! However, 1) the past tense of "bear" is "bore" and 2) you don't use "only" and "just" together, both of which have the same meaning. And 3) both the known and "the" unknown -- the second "the" is needed and missing. And there are all characteristic mistakes by a speaker from the country we all know about. (It is my country.)
kumagai 2 years, 3 months ago
Who is Jo Kent? This quote is so insightful.

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